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Una WWW base di dati di nobiltà europea

With the the help of Leo v.d.Pas (English nobility), Marcin Dziedzic (Silesian nobility), Leon Endeman (South African genealogy, nobility of Germany, the former Austria-Hungary, the Netherlands, Nordic countries and British Isles). Note: The current (12th) version of the system was installed 1.5.2021. The current CD-version contains more! (See below) We have now 1216286 people online!(all internal numbers will change. use the proposed urls.) Especially the spanish part was extended remarkably!

In questas base di dati persone di europea nobiltà titolata sono memorizzati con i loro dati di vita, biografi, ritrati e stemmi.

Do you know of my system of coats of arms?! Nota che i nomi sono dati nella loro lingua locale (italiani in italiano, inglisi in inglise, etc.). Il tedesco gioca ancora un ruolo importante (biografi sono in tedesco).

Puoi accedere al database nel modo seguente:

1. Usando il nome di una persons/casa/famiglia

2. usando un indice (tempo, nome, paese)

3. usando una classificazione della cass (Emperor/Re/Elector/Archduca/Granduca/Duca/Principe/Conte (Marchese, Land Count, Count of Empire, Castle Count etc.)

Acenni ai problemi

Un problema standard de WW-Person e che i genitori dei cunguigi potrebbe essere sconosciuti - anche se sono memorizzati nel sistema. Se trovi questo caso per favore mandami una mail. Un elenco di tali 6000 such problemi puo essere trovato here


  • Paesi europea
  • Indice nomi (in portions of 100 persons)
  • Historical battles
  • Popes (experimental; index only)
  • Translation of first names
  • Historical Documents (German Only!)
  • Knights of the Garter
  • Knights of the Golden Fleeze (French)
  • Coats of Arms
  • Retrieval forms

  • Ricerca secondo criteri multipli (usable)
  • Marriage search
  • Map based search (not working; small set of maps)
  • Relations between persons (now working)
  • Direct person access (working; usable if you know the name)
  • Direct person access (working; usable if you know the name; with tree presentation)

  • Homepages (I. Abt)


    Prospect for the CD! frontpage+backpage

    The current CD is much better. It contains the same people as the net version, but additional material, esp. coats of arms. (800000 people, including 60000 italian, 70000 russian, 60000 english, 60000 french, lots of hungarian, polish, czeck etc.) Send me a cheque with $70 and I'll send you a copy. You get a user manual on the CD. It is much faster than the net system! (Adress: WW-Person c/o Herbert Stoyan, Am Hasengarten 11, D-91074 Herzogenaurach, Germany)

    Special offers: 1) If you're willing to buy 3 consecutive updates then we bill you only 3 quarters of the amount. 2) If you help to debug the CD by sending error messages or hints which increase the usability of the CD again a dicount of a quarter is offered. 3) If you take more than one CD special discounts will be possible. 4) If you send me special literature which should processed into the system I would appreciate this in a similar way.

    For buyers of the first CD: The first CD is taken as one of the 3.


    state of the system:


    Interesting sources

    If there are any complaints or suggestions, please mail to: hstoyan@informatik.uni-erlangen.de