Actual State of WW-Person

Authority: WW-Person is the work of Herbert Stoyan. He is Professor for Computer Science at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg. He is no Historian. He uses the best sources available to describe the current knowledge in person history. The pages have no official state. Nobody approves them.

Accuracy: All information can be verified by looking in books. To simplify this, I give all used sources locally (not in a global literature list) at the data. (Look at person pages.) I did (and do) my best to remove typing errors.

Objectivity: I try to describe what the sources say. Some sources try to lie. If this is known, I do not use them. There is no advertisement (except of selling this information as a good and interesting product).

Currency: WW-Person is in the Web since 1994. The current version (main corpus) was installed 1/1/2005. There are many changes in the index system since them.

Coverage: The whole system is work in progress. No part is complete (and - alas - never will be).

Disclaimer: There are 81 links chairs of history and 22 links to homepages of noble houses. I'm not responsible for the content on these sites and deny any support for claims made there.








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