Learn to blazon a coat of arms"

Lesson 1. Learn about parts or quarters

A coat of arms is typically a composition of some subfields which are filled in with some figures. The figures are called charges. Being a composition is called being parted. There are many ways a coat of arms may be parted. Try to make a distinction between ordinary partitions and a partition into independent coat of arms. In the latter case, the subfields are called quarters or pieces.

Look at these coat of arms schemata. In the left there are shields per pale or per fess, the next ones are made of 4 quarters, the next a charge per saltire resp. per pale, the last have 6 resp. 9 quarters. There are coat of arms up to 30 quarters" Sometimes the distinction between a partition into quarters and a general partition is hard to make.
Now, try to decide, is your coat of arms made of quarters?
Count the subshields, call them quarters, and describe them one by one starting from upper left (learn to call it upper right: you have to see it as your coat of arms as if you are a chevalier bearing it)".