Blazon a coat of arms!

Caution! The blazon compiler is not complete and has some problems. We try to create only blazons which it can process. It is assumed that the herold has studied the blazon tutorial and knows what is intended. If not, you should consult specific lessons to learn.

Step 1. Define the basic tincture!

Remove all figures (charges) from the coat of arms! On the very ground should be one tincture (color) only. It is

  • or (gold,yellow)
  • argent (silver, white)
  • gules (red)
  • azure (blue)
  • vert (green)
  • sable (black)
  • purple
  • If you cannot do that, because there's (at least) a line which creates a partition of the coat of arms and there are more than one tincture of the board, goto Step-11