Search by multiple criteria

I search
for people with the following properties:

first name:surname:
Title:lives ca.:
First name:surname:

You get a list of people represented by links into the database.

The following search parameters are usable:

  • Names (even begins or parts) e.g. Schmi. A number of nameparts are permitted. Each has to be found (and-connection). First names may be permuted. Use blank to separate parts" Type Umlauts as "vokal (e.g.: Württemberg). A wildcard . (dot) is usable in the names. (e.g. Wilhelm and William can be represented by Wil...m). Using the wildcard at beginning of a part makes no sense.
  • Locations (name of towns/villages) e.g. Berlin ...
  • Time (by year, the date) e.g. 1800
  • Time interval (by couple of years) e.g. 1800-1810 ...
  • The criteria are connected by `and'.

    If the search parameter are not specific enough, the search will last for too long (danger of timeout) or the result is too big (danger of overflow).

    The result will be an empty page if there is nobody with the characteristics (nobody found), if there is a timeout, or if there is a overflow. Use a subdatabase, if possible.

    Ich search

    in the data base people with the following properties first name: surname: Time: Time interval:

    If you have questions/hints, please inform hstoyan