Design your own coat of arms"

In this system you can design your/a coat of arms and generate a postscript program to draw it. (This may be transformed into pdf or gif.) Basis is a numerical blazon language.

A coat of arms is typically a partition of some subfields which are filled in with some charges (figures). The subfields have some background tincture (color) which is to be given as prefix of the partition. A subfield may be occupied by a partition. Blanks may be used between the units. The syntax is:

coat ::=colorprefix charge colorsuffix{-attribute}|

colorprefix charge colorsuffix{-partattribute colorlist}|

colorlist partition|


colorprefix group[charge colorsuffix,arrangement,orientation]|



t heroldspiece[coat]

colorlist ::= colorprefix | (color/color) | (color/color/color)

colorprefix ::= (color)

colorsuffix ::= :color

subfield-list ::= subfield|subfield;subfieldlist

subfield ::= position figurefield|position coat

figure-field ::= figure colorsuffix{attributes}

position ::= 381 | 382 | 383 | 384

attribute ::= e| 701| 702| 703| 704| 705

arrangements ::= 401 | 402

partattribute ::= 201 | 204

orientation ::=

Blanks are not permitted. | is alternative, {...} optional text part

u constructs a covering of a shield of another, b constructs a overlay of a shield by another. t converts a herolds piece into a partition.

a coat of arms,

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